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Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Dicky Strydom and i live in a beautiful country South Africa near Johannesburg.

I am involved in online marketing for more than two years now and have experience in both online and offline businesses for the past 25 years.



I think it’s very important to get a honest review of a certain product before you make a decision to purchase it. A person who have used and tested the product before and who can give his honest opinion about it.I believe that we all need to be informed from somebody who have used and tested the product before so that you the customer can make the right decision whether to buy it or not.

Don’t fall for scam’y reviews where the so called reviewer tel you about this wonderful product just to find out later that you have been scammed once again. It is so frustrating to see how the so called guru’s scam newbies out of their money. That is why i decided to try and make a difference to warn my customers to make the right decisions.

How do i make my reviews?

Before i make any reviews about a product i will do a fully investigation about the software or service. I make sure that the developer are trustworthy or not, and i try to contact him personally to find out how the product work.He will then give me a review copy of the said product or i will purchase the product myself and test it to see if the product worked as promised and if it is worthy to purchase.

I will then write my own review of the product and if possible make a video to explain more about it.

Honesty and Trust

As a born again christian i believe that i must be honest and truthful to my customers. I want the buyer to be satisfied in all aspects of his purchase and that he have madeĀ  the right decision to buy the product.

Be sure that you can trust me, you can contact me any time if you have any problems regarding a product or service. I have the full details of the developer and will gladly assist you further.

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